Belize Tourism up 16.4%


Impressive Increases in Belize Tourism Arrivals Continue

Belize tourism is skyrocketing with arrival increases up by as much as 33% 2016 over 2015!

Belize Tourism up 16.4% for the first 9 months of 2016 over the same time 2015. That is phenomenal with 292,622 arrivals during this period as reported by www.ambergristoday.com.

September increase was an astonishing 26.9%! This is one of the months that traditionally have been extremely low with many businesses closing either for September or October for maintenance, vacations, etc. Now it looks like Belize is becoming a 12 month per year vacation spot! This chart as presented by the Belize Tourism Board shows the increases:

Impressive Increases in Belize Tourism Arrivals Continue  Now that Southwest is flying to Belize and WestJet is starting flights from Toronto to Belize City at the end of October 2016, this is sure to be a record year for Belize Tourism!

Belize Tourism is changing. When Karol and I first came to Belize in 2003 it was in October as this was our slow season in Lakeside Arizona also. The island was very quiet and the average age of visitors was 55-75, we fit right in! But, now as we visit the island we see children! Yes, over the years things have slowly changed as Belize is appearing on the radar of every major travel outlet as exactly what it is, the PERFECT place for not only beach lovers but adventure lovers also.

If purchasing an investment or tourism property has ever crossed your mind, NOW is the time to move. With the world in such chaos Belize is a safe harbor from most of the world events.

Written by Paul


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Belize Tourism up 16.4%

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