Belize popularity is increasing daily!


There are many indications that Belize popularity is increasing daily.

Belize, being the only country in Central America that is legally ENGLISH, is becoming more popular for not only tourism but for investment.

The normal tourism season has always been basically January 1 to June 1. The Belize Tourism Board, www.travelbelize.org, announced recently that 2nd quarter tourism was higher than any time in Belize’s history. More families are visiting Belize causing summertime visitation to rise more than any other summer in the past.

Summer cruise tourism is considerably higher compared to previous years when only 2-3 ships per week were docked off our shores, 2014 found 6-8 ships moored offshore with the announcement that more will be added during high tourism season. More and more excursions are being offered including a new island experience excursion on one of the islands that Belize Shores Realty markets on their website hereThis excursion gives cruise passengers the opportunity to visit a Caribbean island only about 2 miles from where the ships are moored, take dive or snorkel trips, without having to travel to an island miles away from immigration at Belize City, a great experience. Water Caye is only 9 miles from Belize City!

Investment in Belize is one of the most sought after commercial investments around, outside the US. Property costs are still low compared to other Caribbean destinations and US businesses which means a quicker return on your investment. With all the infrastructure improvements being funded from roads to airports to wireless communications Belize is setting itself up as THE place to invest.

Check out all of our listings for all your commercial property and business needs www.belizeshoresrealty.comWe have island and mainland property and businesses to fit every budget from Mom and Pop B&Bs to complete resort projects encompassing miles of beachfront, river front, or jungle.

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Belize popularity is increasing daily!

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