Resort Auction


BY ORDER of the Receiver will sell the properties and assets known as Robert’s Grove Beach Resort ON SITE [Seine Bight, Placencia, Stann Creek District] on Friday 4th January 2019 at 1:30 pm:


BLOCK – 36
PARCELS – 3641, 3642, 3257, 3259, 3260, 3261, 3262, 3263 3264, 3265, 3266, 3267, 3268, 3269, 3271
3281, 3284, 3286

(Being the following improvements/developments):

a) Main Two Level Administration/Studio Building – (Being a two storey concrete building [3,866 sq. ft]; Ground Floor Section [6,605 sq. ft.] 1 administration + restaurant space + outdoor/indoor dining [560 sq. ft.] + kitchen + storage room + solarium + gift shop + conference room + resort office; and Second Floor Section access via a timber staircase that interlock and connects to a wrap-around veranda;
and Upper level Section [3,589 sq. ft.] + 5 family studio + veranda and stairs area [3,112 sq. ft] )
b) Ocean view Apartment Suites (A, B & C) – (Being three identical concrete two story structures (14 Ocean View Units). Each Structure contains 408 sq. ft [24 ft X 17 ft] + 1 bedroom + 1 bathroom. Buildings A and B are connected by a wood deck that includes a timber stair case and a third-floor deck with a zinc roof gazebo)
c) Workers Quarters
d) Habanero Restaurant and Bar 
e) Outdoor Bar & Patio 
f) Swimming Pool and Court – (Being in the forefront of the property and on the north side of the main administration building is a well-maintained concrete rectangular swimming pool depths from approximately 2 – 5 ft., measuring 67 ft x 34 ft. + surrounded by 1,198 square feet of timber deck
g) Beachfront Spa and massage parlor 
h) Laundry House 
i) Back Office Building/Bedroom
j) Marina Generator House 
k) Bicycle Shed 
l) Gazebo 
m) Gymnasium Building 
n) Sweet Mama’s Restaurant
o) Beachfront Pier 
p) Staff Quarters 
q) Dive Shop Building
r) Office/Storeroom Timber Building
s) Main Warehouse
t) Garage Shed Building
u) Carpentry Shop Building
v) Staff Quarters
w) The Marina
x) RG Generator House
y) Manager Residence
z) Fuel Station & Storage Tanks and approximately 13 acres of land including eighteen (18) parcels, the freehold properties of Messrs. Robert’s Grove Limited.


The purchase will have to be cash, be prepared to pay 10% at time of auction if bid is accepted, 90% within 30 days of auction. These properties normally don’t sell on the first auction as the banks are required by law not to accept a bid less than the amount owed to the lender. Bids can be submitted prior to auction.

Please email info@belizeshoresrealty.com if you would like to be represented at this auction. Here is the resort website: https://www.robertsgrove.com/




Written by Paul


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