$1,500,000 USD

resort partnership for sale

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This beach front resort in San Pedro has come on the market with some of the best terms you will ever find for a profitable business. The present owner is offereing either RESORT PARTNERSHIP FOR SALE OR THE PURCHASE OF THE ENTIRE PROPERTY!

Located less than 1/2 mile north of downtown, this property has 12 units presently being rented with 3 additional units that are not presently rented but are ready to rent, and operating leased dive shop and pier. The owner has recently open a New Orleans style restaurant on the roadside which is growing in popularity. There is additional room on the property to construct 3-9 more units, the rebar tie-ins are already there to expand plus the foundations to the 3 buildings, Bldg A, B, & C, go down to bedrock and can easily go up one or two more floors.  There are 5 story buildings now in San Pedro so 5 stories may be possible as the foundations are sufficient.

The owner is looking for a total sale but will also be interested in taking on an inventive partner that can come in, pay off a note for a percentage of ownership, purchase back a couple of units owned by the HOA and grow the business, and buy out the other 5% stockholder.. For $1,500,000 USD you and this owner and investor will hold title to the the COMPLETE resort in the partnership. The investment will gain you 45% ownership in the company at this point. 

Interested in owning the entire property yourself? $2,400,000 USD will give you 100% ownership.

If you want to participate in a hospitality business but don’t have the opportunity to come to Belize and operate, or just want to invest for growth and a RESORT PARTNERSHIP FOR SALE, THIS IS IT!

Written by Paul


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