resort for sale in Belize for 0% interest


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This beach front resort in San Pedro has come on the market with some of the best terms you will ever find for a profitable business.

Located less than 1/2 mile north of downtown, this property has 12 operating units with 3 additional units that are not presently rented. There is additional room on the property to construct 3-9 more units, the rebar tie-ins are already there to expand!

The key to this purchase is the financing. The owner wishes to retire as he is in his middle 70s and needs to start slowing down. The property can be purchased with $275,000 US down and he will carry $975,000 US for 10 years at 0% interest! No prepayment penalty and will even consider a balloon payment to even make monthly payments less.

The property is in need of some tender loving care but with this financing you would have the ability to refurbish and improve and the present management and maintenance team is highly complimented! Let us know if this financing opens a door for you.

Written by Paul


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