tax free company in the International Free Zone of Belize

There is a new offer coming out of Belize! Own a company or even operate the company within a new International Free Zone in Belize, an International Free Zone Company (IFZ). Enjoy enormous tax benefits along with freedom of movement of funds without scrutiny.

Be Onshore and Offshore at the same time remaining tax free. Do not evade taxes. Avoid taxes by being more than a shell company within a legal system that is not part of the Customs territory which has a tax regime but only on goods imported within the zone. Operate without fear of legal entanglements.

One of the greatest asset protection benefits of the International Free Zone Company is brought about by the new laws that were introduced governing Belize (and most other countries) IBCs. Beneficial ownership of an IBC must now be reported. NOT the case with an IFZ Company!

Operate your business from within the Free Zone! Building Lots are available for sale inside the IFZ starting at $70,000 USD and operate a business from there. Import products for a low 1.5% duty, export your finished product without export duty and pay no taxes throughout the entire process!

Tax Exemptions:

 No Corporate Tax, No Business Tax, No Capital Tax
 No Export Tax, Only 1.5% Import Duty on Goods received inside the zone
 No Sales Tax, No Value Added Tax, No Excise Tax

Investment Incentives

 No License or Permits, No Quotas, No Price Controls, No Export Controls on Services or Goods
 Full Foreign Ownership of your IFZ. All IFZs can hold foreign currency accounts; US, Pesos, Euros, etc. with debit
card, wire, receive cash, etc without permits from Central Bank.
 Free Movement of Capital, No restriction on shares or dividends,
 These companies can hold property in Belize, including condos, land, stock, etc. anywhere in Belize or abroad. A Belize International Business Company cannot.

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Own a tax free company in Belize!

Own a tax free company in Belize!