30 acre island near Belize City

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This 30 acre island for sale near Belize City is available which includes an interior lake or protected natural marina. 

Morgan’s Caye- A 30 acre island just 6 miles from Belize City. 

Because of its proximity to the mainland and being within the calm waters of the famous Belize barrier reef, this 30 acre Belize island for sale is located in one of the most sought after areas of Belize. Just half a mile south is Bannister Island where cruise ship passengers spend time swimming with the dolphins and soaking up the spectacular scenery of this area.
Morgan Caye is in its natural state. However, it is high and dry, but a little fill and development can make this your own paradise. It even has an inner lagoon that can be used as a private protected lake or harbor. The surrounding water is crystal clear. It is ideal for fishing, snorkeling, water sports or whatever your heart desires. The sunsets here are especially nice during the months of March to November.

Here is what you will discover about the island when you visit, by the way it is only 12 minutes from Belize City. When you come up to the island there is a hidden entrance which opens up into an enchanted lagoon, very deep and about 5 acres in size, which then leads into another smaller inner lagoon, about 2 acres or so, and then finally came out through another hidden entrance to the ocean on the other side. There is already an ingress and egress. The lagoon is quite deep.

The north eastern part of the island that faces San Pedro is quite deep also. If you look closely at the map you will see that it has a concave shape which can easily be made into a natural harbor because of its depth. On the north western part that faces Belize City there is a natural white sandy beach, the bottom is solid and sandy. You can see State Bank Caye, Belize City,  and the cruise ships that are out there that day. The lagoons are more on the southern side that faces Bannister Caye. 

It is pretty high ground, all things considered, and it wouldn’t cost too much to develop the sandy beach.

Written by Belize Shore Realty


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30 acre island near Belize City

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