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Although we have years of experience in Belize real estate and Belize is our primary focus, we’ve expanded our portfolio to include other commercial real estate for sale in Central America. Currently we have commercial real estate for sale in Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras. Costa Rica borders the Caribbean Sea, to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west, and it features a wonderful tropical climate year round. Honduras, which is located just south of Belize, also features a tropical climate and its eastern coastline is on the Caribbean Sea. Panama is the connecting country from Central America to South America. It borders both the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans.

We also have commercial real estate for sale in Guatemala. Guatemala borders Belize to the west and has a small portion of its coastline bordering the Caribbean and a larger portion of the country bordering the Pacific. If you’re interested in expanding to other countries in Central America, please give us a call. We are continuing to expand our listings in these countries. For a complete list of properties available, or to inquire about how we can help you find commercial real estate in these areas, please contact us. Answering questions and helping you find the best property available is our goal.

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