$385,000 USD

Belize Active Farm for Sale

Looking for a productive investment? Take a look at this 254 acre farm near Spanish Lookout Belize!

254 acres with 80 acres cleared. 1600 feet of road frontage.
Numerous irrigation ponds and one man-made lake of 13 acres.
400sqft raised farmhouse (2 bedrooms).
300sqft kitchen with large porch

Many coconut, fruit trees, hard wood and mahogany trees.

The land is completely fenced with a minimum of 5 rows of barbed wire.
All boundaries are clear and with fire break in many locations.

The Spanish Lookout Community is expanding into this area. Roads are being improved and new ones built.

The land is suitable for corn in many areas and cattle/sheep.
This land will be effective as a commercial farm or as a land investment.

Here are some particulars about the farm:

  • The location of the farm is North 17 degrees 16 minutes;  West 88 degrees 54 minutes.
  • The farm is currently not being operated commercially due to other business commitments
  • The soil structure at this farm is black organic on white clay.  This type of soil structure retains water and relies on the topography to move/drain the water.  That said, it is my understanding that the leaching of nutrients is less under these conditions and the ‘black soil’ is known for being nutrient rich compared with low or high savannah and red/brown soils
  • The land is very well suited for grazing and also corn and beans
  • The current cleared acreage has been used for cattle and on occasion corn
  • The farm has been ‘ticking over’ with a small herd of cattle of 24 and a flock of sheep of 24.  We have now sold the cattle as we approach selling the farm
  • I would not say all the land is ‘tillable’ in the sense of raising crops.  But I would believe 180acres could be cleared for corn and just about all of it could be cleared for cattle
  • They have grown a number of crops successfully on the farm: tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, potatoes, melons, pumpkins and herbs.  We also have a large quantity of coconut (circa 300), banana and plantain, and various fruit trees
  • The beef price is going up as Belize has negotiated export to Mexico.  Currently, $1.75 per pound on the hoof and easily $5 to $10 per pound dressed
  • Free ranging pigs also do very well.  Dressed pork (can be killed and dressed at the farm) sells at a good price, currently around $3.50 per pound in this vicinity
  • Dressed sheep sells currently sells at around $3.50 per pound in this vicinity
  • Labour in this vicinity is around BZ$35 per day (unskilled)
  • Poultry; chickens, ducks, turkeys thrive.  They never go without free range eggs 
  • There is a wide range of fish in the ponds and the lake.  Mostly small but some good size Tilapia
  • Spanish Lookout is an industrious town where just about everything can be obtained
  • The sale includes all permanent structures, water channels, water courses, ponds, lake, dam, perimeter fencing, internal fencing, grass land, bush, fruit and hardwood trees. 
  • Two tractors, caravan, and storage container may be available at an additional price
  • A local farmer has a keen interest to rent the back 100 acres for developing approximately 50 acres for corn.  The new owner should seriously think of taking on this opportunity.  This would clear the bush without cost on half the land, cultivate it and provide a nominal crop rent.  The period would be around 3 years.
  • belize 1
  • belize 2
  • House (1)
  • House (2)
  • House (3)
  • House (4)
  • House (5)
  • House (6)
  • House (7)
  • House (8)
  • House (9)
  • House (10)
  • House (11)
  • House (12)
  • Kitchen (2)
  • Kitchen (3)
  • Kitchen (4)
  • Kitchen (5)
  • Kitchen (6)
  • Kitchen (7)
  • Kitchen (8)
  • Kitchen (9)
  • Sheep Pen
  • Soil
  • View from House (1)
  • View from House (2)
  • View from House (3)
  • View from House (4)

Written by Paul


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