Belize Tourism up 16.4%


Impressive Increases in Belize Tourism Arrivals Continue

Belize tourism is skyrocketing with arrival increases up by as much as 33% 2016 over 2015!

Belize Tourism up 16.4% for the first 9 months of 2016 over the same time 2015. That is phenomenal with 292,622 arrivals during this period as reported by

September increase was an astonishing 26.9%! This is one of the months that traditionally have been extremely low with many businesses closing either for September or October for maintenance, vacations, etc. Now it looks like Belize is becoming a 12 month per year vacation spot! This chart as presented by the Belize Tourism Board shows the increases:

Impressive Increases in Belize Tourism Arrivals Continue  Now that Southwest is flying to Belize and WestJet is starting flights from Toronto to Belize City at the end of October 2016, this is sure to be a record year for Belize Tourism!

Belize Tourism is changing. When Karol and I first came to Belize in 2003 it was in October as this was our slow season in Lakeside Arizona also. The island was very quiet and the average age of visitors was 55-75, we fit right in! But, now as we visit the island we see children! Yes, over the years things have slowly changed as Belize is appearing on the radar of every major travel outlet as exactly what it is, the PERFECT place for not only beach lovers but adventure lovers also.

If purchasing an investment or tourism property has ever crossed your mind, NOW is the time to move. With the world in such chaos Belize is a safe harbor from most of the world events.

Belize popularity is increasing daily!


There are many indications that Belize popularity is increasing daily.

Belize, being the only country in Central America that is legally ENGLISH, is becoming more popular for not only tourism but for investment.

The normal tourism season has always been basically January 1 to June 1. The Belize Tourism Board,, announced recently that 2nd quarter tourism was higher than any time in Belize’s history. More families are visiting Belize causing summertime visitation to rise more than any other summer in the past.

Summer cruise tourism is considerably higher compared to previous years when only 2-3 ships per week were docked off our shores, 2014 found 6-8 ships moored offshore with the announcement that more will be added during high tourism season. More and more excursions are being offered including a new island experience excursion on one of the islands that Belize Shores Realty markets on their website hereThis excursion gives cruise passengers the opportunity to visit a Caribbean island only about 2 miles from where the ships are moored, take dive or snorkel trips, without having to travel to an island miles away from immigration at Belize City, a great experience. Water Caye is only 9 miles from Belize City!

Investment in Belize is one of the most sought after commercial investments around, outside the US. Property costs are still low compared to other Caribbean destinations and US businesses which means a quicker return on your investment. With all the infrastructure improvements being funded from roads to airports to wireless communications Belize is setting itself up as THE place to invest.

Check out all of our listings for all your commercial property and business needs www.belizeshoresrealty.comWe have island and mainland property and businesses to fit every budget from Mom and Pop B&Bs to complete resort projects encompassing miles of beachfront, river front, or jungle.

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Belize Importance is Skyrocketing

Belize is now in the limelight more than ever!  Belize importance is Skyrocketing with US and world advertising taking the forefront in every possible media.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Building cruise terminal in Belize

Recently it was announced that Norwegian Cruise Lines has deposited $50 million USD in Belize to secure the position and start designing a Cruise Line Terminal; also announced, a British West Indies registered company, Yumi Development, believed to be a Hong Kong group is under contract to purchase Caye Chapel, the 250+ acre golf island for an estimated $32 million USD. 

Caye Chapel Golf Island


The importance of this? When International companies invest this type of dollars in a tiny country like Belize, WE ARE BEING NOTICED!

What importance is this to you? If you have put ANY thought into owning any size  or type of commercial property in Belize, NOW IS THE TIME! The old real estate adage, “Time Is Of The Essence” has never meant more anywhere in the world than in Belize RIGHT NOW!

Belize Shores Realty has Commercial properties available from $200k – $22 mm USD, from cell phone rentals to multi-million dollar resorts! 

The staff of Belize Shores Realty, full time residents of Belize, has operated in country with “boots (flipflops) on the ground” throughout this wonderful paradise for 8 years and will continue to do so for many more!

Belize Tourism setting records!

This article is reposted from one of our local online newspapers; Ambergris Today


Belize Tourism Statistics 2013: First Quarter Report

Belize Tourism Statistics 2013: First Quarter Report

The year 2013 started out on an all-time high for Belize’s tourism industry, having documented record numbers for the first quarter. The trends in the first quarter of 2013 tourist arrivals are indicative of 2012’s patterns, in which substantial numbers were recorded per month. In fact, the last time there was a decrease in any month for tourist arrivals was October 2011- making it nineteen consecutive months of increases in overnight tourist arrivals to Belize.

Tourism Statistics 2013: First Quarter Report

There was a record high in arrivals by air in January, February and March of 2013, showing a 7.58%, 6.0% and 10.1% increases respectively, compared to 2012. This year’s month of March recorded 28,623 tourist arrivals, which is over 5,200 more than last year’s March total of 25,982. This is the first time in history that arrivals by air exceeded the 28,000 visitor mark for any month. In summary, airport tourist arrivals showed 8.1% growth in this year’s first quarter, in comparison to last year’s.

Tourism Statistics 2013: First Quarter Report

For overnight tourist arrivals, the months of January, February and March recorded increases of 17.2%, 11.6% and 11% respectively. For the first time ever, overnight visitors exceeded 35,000 visitors in March 2013. The previous all-time high was 32,240 visitors in March of the previous year. Overall, the overnight tourist arrivals stats indicate that there was a 13% growth over 2012’s first quarter.

Tourism Statistics 2013: First Quarter Report

Despite dismal cruise arrivals last year, 2013’s first quarter showed notable increases. There was a 19.4% increase in arrivals in January, and an 11.4% increase in arrivals in February, compared to last year’s stats. In addition, March saw a modest increase of 1.4% over the previous year, all of which resulted in a total of 10.9% increase in cruise arrivals in the first three months of this year.

For more information, please contact the Belize Tourism Board at 227-2420.

This is nothing short of astounding and lends even more credibility to Belize being a primary commercial investment location. Contact us about all the wonderful properties and businesses that are available today.


Why Belize?

From me, Paul, Broker at Belize Shores Realty, I wanted to publish my personal reasons for relocating with my wife and partner to Belize:

My wife and I are children of the 50s and 60s. We grew up in an America that was proud and living there made you feel like you were in the best place in the world at the best time in history. 

Then something happened in the early 70s. Whether I just matured and started realizing that the current events during our childhood was a stage show playing out to a devastating and surprising end, or  whether there was some single event that was to change the future, I’m really not sure, BUT I do know that the America that we grew up in is not the same.

My first jobs were with companies like Collins Radio/Rockwell, Fisher Controls/Monsanto, John Deere Tractor and on. I saw people no longer willing to stay loyal to any one employer because the employers were losing interest in taking care of their employees as they had since the industrial revolution and unionization. All of a sudden I felt an urgency to take care of my family in a more personal or self-sustaining manner and started moving around the country. While doing so we ended up in California where life became more isolated, even though the suburban populace seemed never ending. We went from our isolated homes, to our isolated cars, to our work cubicle, and back home, hardly seeing any neighbors except to wave on bar-b-q weekends! I longed for a better life even though my financial life was just fine, I didn’t feel at home.

Many years later, after our two children had gone on their own, I discovered Central America. Life was back to the 50s and 60s again. Your neighbor was just that, neighborly. People waived on the streets EVERY MORNING! Hellos or Buenos Dias came from nearly every mouth you met. I was back home again!

Belize is an oasis in Central America for most of us Expats from the US that refused to learn a foreign language. Come and visit San Pedro just once and 90% of you will be hooked! You may not have the same desire to leave the rat race behind as I did, but you will relax. Your blood pressure will settle, your nerves will calm, and your smile to neighbors and strangers will return.

We investigated Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Belize. We felt comfortable here! Whether it barefooting it around San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, or rubbing elbows with the Garifuna in Hopkins. I don’t think you will find a friendlier place on earth.

Now Tripadvisor has named Ambergris Caye the #1 Island in the World! What a statement! We agree!

Belize Tourism Board annonced Great Results for 2012

For any of you considering investing in a hospitality or tourism related business this year the Belize Tourism Board announced Great Results for 2012. It is EXTREMELY important to note that while the worldwide average tourism increase for 2012 over 2011 was 2.7%, BELIZE EXPERIENCED ALMOST AN 11% increase!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is something to stand up and take notice about.

Belize is becoming a HOT ITEM! From eco vacations, to scuba/snorkel vacations, to zip lining, to getting hitched, Belize is becoming the place to go!

Cruise tourism did decline for the year but it was because Belize just doesn’t have the facilities yet to accommodate all the people and cruise lines that want to be here. Soon a cruise port will be developed that will accommodate them and these numbers will be on the increase also.

Now is the time to invest in tourism in Belize. If you want to own your own mom and pop boutique resort, a multimillion dollar 5 star resort or restaurant, or invest in an existing business, the time has never been better to get in on upcoming profits.

Contact us today by email or call 832-301-0540, 713-893-8023 in the US, or +501-625-6551 in Belize.

Important news about the future of Belize Investment!

In Belize yesterday afternoon some important news about the future of Belize Investment was announced.  

Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that after his personal intervention with one of the co-chairs of the credit committee, Mr. A.J. Mediratta an agreement has been made that will enable the Sovereign nation of Belize to restructure its “Superbond”, the major external debt that Belize owes.

Speaking at a press conference in Belize City yesterday afternoon, the Honorable Mr. Barrow said that “Belize had reached agreement in principle with its bondholders over the restructuring of the Superbond. This agreement is comprehensive, it is sustainable, and it will provide well in excess of $150 million in relief to Belize.

The agreement was struck this afternoon after a long and arduous negotiating process; after things took a particular turn that saw me getting personally involved into the mix and saw me begin direct conversations with A.J. Mediratta, a partner at Greylock Capital Management one of the two co-chairs on the creditor committee.”

According to the Prime Minister a term sheet is being prepared containing the particulars of what he and Mr. Mediratta have agreed. “Until that term sheet is prepared and signed off on I am not at liberty to tell you the details that we have agreed”.

Evidently Mr. Barrow has been meeting with with Mr. Mediratta for several weeks in confidential and concurrent negotiations alongside the formal negotiations that the Belize SuperBond team and its U.S. based financial and legal advisers were holding.

The PM refused to answer questions from reporters about any details stating that until the actual term sheet is produced and agreed to, which was estimated to be about the 15 of January 2013, he could not discuss the particulars. He also stated that “We certainly expect that the maturity of the new bond will be longer than what currently remains in the SuperBond, we expect that there will be a principal reduction, and we expect that in all the circumstances there will be a launch of the new offer with the new terms in or around the 15th of January 2013.

We expect to close the deal in terms of having the creditors take up the new offer in time for us to start the servicing of the new instrument just at a point where the coupon for the old payment would have been due on February 15th 2013”. The Prime Minister announced that the solution to Belize’s external debt problems means that no new taxes will be introduced in Belize’s 2013 government budget. But he said that the government will have to find ways of introducing discipline in his government’s spending, something that the world would love to hear come out of other countries of the world.

“There is going to be a rearrangement in terms of coupons and lower interest payments spread out over a far longer period. This is a huge victory for this country and makes a wonderful Christmas gift for the people of Belize,” he concluded.

This means a more inviting atmosphere for Commercial Investment in Belize!

International Living Magazine Says Belize is a Great Place To Live

International Living Magazine, a publication dedicated to enlightening readers of the best places to live and invest overseas published an online article today called “Stress-Free in Belize.”  Author Len Galvin mentioned that despite the favorable banking and tax policies in Belize, the main reason that so many people fall in love with Belize is the wonderful lifestyle.  The scenic landscape, fresh food and sandy beaches are among the myriad of reasons that people never want to leave.  In fact, Galvin found Belize to be a suitable destination for “anyone looking for an affordable way to enjoy total privacy.” 


However, Galvin also maintained that Belize can be much more than just a preeminent vacation destination.  In addition to the beautiful sea and beaches, Galvin also considers Belize to be “heaving with opportunity.”   Belize is still in its development stage, and thanks to a smaller population, there is plenty of prime space available to establish a business or create a new life.  Galvin adds that Belize’s main language is English, and visitors are always pleasantly surprised by how friendly the local communities are.


The world is full of new opportunities.  However, if you are looking for an exciting new adventure, where you can build your life or business from the ground up, wouldn’t you want to do in a real-life paradise?  Scuba diving, fishing and relaxing on a boat has to sound like an enticing way to spend your days off. 

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