Southwest Airlines now flies to Belize!





Southwest Airlines now flies to Belize!

Tourism in Belize is skyrocketing. September and October are historically the slowest two months of the year for this tiny Central American/Western Caribbean country, but the Belize Tourism Board announced yesterday that September saw a 19.3% increase in over night arrivals in September alone!!!!! As reported by September alone saw a 19.3% increase in overnight tourism and the new flight is expected to further increase this number. Travelers to Belize on the airline are excited about the “Southwest Effect”, as James Ashworth, Managing Director of Customer Support and Services at Southwest Airlines describes that when the airline enters a market they bring fares down by approximately 30%, they have no bag fees, no change fees and they provide world-class customer service. It is a great product to a great market.

southwest1As the broker for Belize Shores Realty I can contest to the fact that our inquiries are skyrocketing along with these numbers. It used to be common to receive 1-3 inquiries on Commercial properties per week but for the last few months we have averaged 2-5 inquires per day! Whether the reason for this is that Americans are getting continuously more restless with the government situation or just that Belize is so close and so economical to own property remains to be seen but whatever the reason, it certainly is welcomed!

The arrival of the first Southwest flight is sparking new energy in to all businesses that rely on tourism, real estate included. The biggest single complaint that Belize has received was that it was just expensive to travel. Our historical tourism didn’t equate to low fares like Cancun did, but now, especially after receiving the award for Mexico & Central America’s Leading Destination 2015 is Ambergris Caye Belize deserves to be treated like the tourism and investment hot spot it is!

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Why You Should Retire in Belize!

Belize Real Estate
There are a lot of things to consider once you are planning to retire, and you want to make sure that you’re happy once you do settle down! Here is a great list of reasons to retire in Belize.


1. The Economy. The Belize’s economy is extremely stable, and has one of the lowest inflation rates in the world.


2. The Language. English is the official language of Belize. This is the only Latin American country where this is true- but it suits Americans well.


3. The Distance. Belize is close by- you can get to it in two hours or less from Houston or other points along the coast. This means it will be easy to visit family members when you want to- and many of them will want to come visit you!


4. Similar Laws. The laws in Belize are based off that of the British. This makes them very similar to the ones that we are already used to in America. This makes it a very easy transition.


5. Real Estate. The real estate in Belize is very affordable compared to the real estate in America.


6. Taxes. Belize’s government doesn’t tax excessively. Depending on how you earn your income, you could possibly have a zero tax liability as a retired person in this country. Belize has many options, own an International Business Company and hold your foreign assets tax free, or own an International Free Zone company which can hold even your Belize assets with tax holidays for the rest of your retired life.


7. The perks.  If you are over 45, you can take full advantage of a retiree program which helps you establish legal residency in Belize, which will allow you to enjoy extra benefits and tax advantages!


8. The land. Belize itself is something you don’t want to miss out on. There is a barrier reef that is only second in size to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. With this along with all the other fascinating places to visit, it will be hard to get bored in Belize.


9. The feeling of community. Family life and the happiness that comes with it is a huge priority in Belize.


10. The Expatriate Community. Belize has been attracting retirees and expatriates for decades.


Belize is a beautiful, quirky country that should be on everyone’s bucket list to visit. For those who are of the mind to, they will even get to spend their golden years.


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For Part-Time Retirement, Belize Beats Florida

Retiring Part Time in BelizeIt used to be that most Americans who retired part-time had their eye on Florida. These days, Florida has become known more for traffic jams, pollution and too many people. What once was paradise has been paved over and turned into endless strip malls and fast food joints.

Belize offers a better alternative for Americans looking for a “part-time” retirement getaway.

Located in Central America, Belize is an ideal foreign country to spend half your year in, providing retirees with the same contrast in weather as Florida. We outlined the beautiful weather in a post last week. In Belize, temperatures in the 80s are the norm. But unlike in the United States, foreign countries like Belize offer the benefits of a beautiful climate without the stress and hassle of overcrowding and the development that comes with it.

Rather than making a full-time move to Belize, why not do as the Florida snowbirds do? From the Northeast United States, you’re only looking at a four to five hour flight each way. You can still enjoy time with your friends and family “at home” in America for many months each year, while you spend a couple months at your tropical getaway when you don’t want to shovel snow.

Ideally, you should make a trip to Belize first, and spend some time there to see what you think of the place. Consider renting a home or apartment and settling in as if the move is permanent. Belize is known for its mountains, rivers, rainforests, caves and ancient ruins. The opportunity to fish, snorkel and scuba dive off the coast can also give your life a renewed sense of adventure at your new “home away from home.”

If it suits you after an extended visit, consider investing in a part-time retirement home there. Real estate is quite affordable and property taxes are low in Belize. The country is safe, and there are many people from other countries—fellow retirees—who live there, as well, so it wouldn’t be like you’re the only Americans in town. Best of all, English is the official language.

Logistically, retiring in Belize makes as much, or more, sense than it does to retire in Florida. The real estate is cheaper, and you can rent out each of your homes while you’re away to cut costs even more. You only need to be 45 years old, and to be eligible for the Qualified Retired Persons program, which extends additional benefits to retirees, you need only to spend a total of 30 days in Belize each year.

Florida is passé for retirees. Belize is where it’s at! For more information on what makes Belize such a great place to live, retire, and invest, or to learn about available properties, stick to Belize Shores Realty.


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Why Retire In Belize?


Retiring in Belize

The Belize Retirement Incentives Program helps those with incomes of at least $2,000 make the transition to this tropical paradise quickly and easily. Retirees who take advantage of the program have moving costs taken care of and face an easier process when applying for permanent residency. Welcoming Belizeans have opened the door for others to enjoy their beautiful country. So what compels so many retirees to take them up on the generous offer?


First and foremost, retirees are looking to escape from the instability of their home countries. While the political and economic situation in the United States seems to be worsening at a steady rate, Belize prides itself on a solid, mostly privatized economy and commonsense governing. With low interest inflation rates and safe, protective banking laws, Belize is a safe and promising place to invest in. Real estate is affordable and property taxes are very low. Some retirees find themselves with no tax liability at all.


An affordable and stable living situation means nothing if it can’t also be enjoyed, though. Retirees will be welcomed by a strong community of fellow retirees and an e thnically diverse population with a worldwide reputation for friendliness and cooperation. While Belize has the lowest population density in the region, it has the second highest growth rate. Perhaps the beautiful natural landscape of Belize can account for its flood of newcomers. 80% of the land is undeveloped and covered with rivers, rainforests, beaches, and the second largest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere. The temperature floats around a comfortable average of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


One thing retirees aren’t eager to experience in the twilight of their lives, however, is culture shock. They’ll be pleased to learn that English is the official language of Belize, which sets it apart from the other Central American country. It’s laws are based on the traditional British system, and they even drive on the right side of the road! Perhaps most important to the families of retirees is that Belize is only a short plane ride from the United States border.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to retire to a foreign country, or maybe you’ve never considered it at all. When you experience beautiful Belize for yourself, you’ll understand why so many retirees are opening themselves up to the wonderful possibility.


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