Southwest Airlines now flies to Belize!





Southwest Airlines now flies to Belize!

Tourism in Belize is skyrocketing. September and October are historically the slowest two months of the year for this tiny Central American/Western Caribbean country, but the Belize Tourism Board announced yesterday that September saw a 19.3% increase in over night arrivals in September alone!!!!! As reported by September alone saw a 19.3% increase in overnight tourism and the new flight is expected to further increase this number. Travelers to Belize on the airline are excited about the “Southwest Effect”, as James Ashworth, Managing Director of Customer Support and Services at Southwest Airlines describes that when the airline enters a market they bring fares down by approximately 30%, they have no bag fees, no change fees and they provide world-class customer service. It is a great product to a great market.

southwest1As the broker for Belize Shores Realty I can contest to the fact that our inquiries are skyrocketing along with these numbers. It used to be common to receive 1-3 inquiries on Commercial properties per week but for the last few months we have averaged 2-5 inquires per day! Whether the reason for this is that Americans are getting continuously more restless with the government situation or just that Belize is so close and so economical to own property remains to be seen but whatever the reason, it certainly is welcomed!

The arrival of the first Southwest flight is sparking new energy in to all businesses that rely on tourism, real estate included. The biggest single complaint that Belize has received was that it was just expensive to travel. Our historical tourism didn’t equate to low fares like Cancun did, but now, especially after receiving the award for Mexico & Central America’s Leading Destination 2015 is Ambergris Caye Belize deserves to be treated like the tourism and investment hot spot it is!

Check out our commercial properties for sale and see what we have to offer you.


Why Making the Move To Belize Is Easy


Deciding to relocate is always a big decision; but particularly for those who are planning on moving to another country. The idea can be exciting; but the thought of what it may require can be extremely overwhelming.

For many people who have moved to Belize, they experience a culture like no other in the world. They find that the experience of living in Belize is well worth any process they had to go through to make it happen. Moving to Belize is not as difficult as it may appear. Actually, it is pretty easy for Americans and Europeans to make Belize their home.

Here are a few reasons why:

Belizeans Speak English

English is the official language of Belize, so you won’t need to worry about learning a new language. This can be very difficult for many adults. Many Belizeans also speak Spanish and other local dialects, but you can easily get by in Belize without knowing how to speak any of these.

Similar Laws and Government

It can be quite scary moving to another country, with everything we know and hear about their laws and government structure. The Belize government and laws will be familiar to Americans and citizens of the United Kingdom, as they are based on British Common Law, which is the foundation of American law.

No Visa Needed for Americans, and Many Other Global Citizens

It is pretty simple to travel in and out of Belize, especially for British and American citizens. No Visa is required to enter Belize for American and British citizens. If you are a resident of another country besides the U.S. and the U.K., it is simple to research whether or not you will need to obtain a Visa.

No Currency Adjustment for Americans

The Belizean dollar is $2 to 1 American dollar; and both currencies are used and exchanged freely throughout the country.

Friendly People and Amazing Culture

Belizeans are friendly and welcoming. They have an island attitude of enjoying life and not taking themselves too seriously. The culture is varied and extremely blended and interesting. You will be among proud people who love their little paradise on Earth.


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Owning a Business in Belize

belize businesses

Opening a business is risky in most cases but when you put together some of the most important characteristics of where to own a business it makes it less of a job and more of a life style. First you need to decide who your target audience is and what your businesses primary goal is. Belize is one of the largest tourist areas, if your product or business appeals to tourists then you are ready to go. If your business is more of a target for the locals you may have a tough job ahead of you but it can be done. The locals need things year round as well!

Tourists are interesting people. They travel around the world looking for places and things to spend their money on. They may not even realize the things they want to buy can be purchased at home. The difference is when they are out gallivanting the globe they do not have the capability of comparison shopping. Belize is very close to the United States and even has direct flights from Charlotte, Miami, Dallas, Newark, Houston, and soon Chicago. This makes it an easy getaway for people from the states.

The US is not the only place people travel from. It just seems to be one of the easiest. With the major languages of Belize being English and Spanish it is also extremely easy for people to communicate. English and Spanish are the two most common spoken languages in the world. This makes it easier to communicate with your customers and make your sales goals. Belize is ready to set your company up for success and ready to help you grow your business.

The Cost of Living in Belize


Moving to a new area in your home country is always a daunting task.  When you move to Belize you may be surprised to find out how affordable it is to live here.  In many ways it is actually much cheaper to live in Belize than it is to live in the United States.

Many of the costs in Belize are significantly lower than in the U.S. such as the cost of buying a house, insurance, taxes, and utility bills.  Depending on where you plan on settling in Belize, the average costs to maintain a lifestyle can vary, just like they do in the U.S.  If you live near Ambergris Caye or Placencia you should expect higher prices.  On the other hand in northern Belize near Corozal things are generally less expensive.

In the more expensive areas of the country, you could live comfortably on a monthly budget of $3,000.  In the less expensive areas you could maintain a lifestyle on $1,000.  The way to control costs is to live like the locals do.  Eat local and save.  For a sandwich and a coffee a meal may cost you $3, a medium quality bottle of red wine that is imported may run roughly $15.

There are plenty of places to live in Belize where you can live on a lower budget, walk to the beach, and still not give up some of your modern day amenities.  Belize is the perfect place to retire in, spend holidays, live part time or full time in.  The weather and the lifestyle are such alluring factors for this tropical paradise.

Education in Belize

Schooling in Belize

Before you make the move to Belize, it is important to look at what your family’s future will be like, and one of the most important facets, of course, is the sort of education that  is available to your children. Before you decide where to move in Belize, it may be a good idea to tour a couple of school campuses to make sure that your children will feel comfortable with their transition into a new school system as well. Here is a little bit of information about education in Belize so you can know what to expect.


Although education in Belize was originally founded through religious institutions (especially Jesuit), the government now manages all public education systems in Belize.


The Belize educational system is structured after the British system, with three levels: primary education, secondary education, and post-secondary education. Primary education is required for children living in Belize. While there are several colleges and universities in Belize available for post-secondary enrollment (University of Belize, University College of Belize, St. John’s College, and the Belize School of Nursing, among others), there is also an option for your children to enroll in sixth form, which is a two-year post-secondary course that prepares students for A-level examinations but also awards students with an Associate of Arts degree (as sanctioned by the United States Association of Junior Colleges).


Although technology in Belize has not reached the same levels of accessibility as it has in many European countries or in the United States, schools in the more urban areas have access to computers and the Internet. Although these technologies are not yet integrated into the curriculum, there are several current efforts throughout the country that focus on bringing technology to all schools in Belize and making technology literacy part of school curriculum. As we all are, Belize is working to embrace the still-new intersection of education and technology. You and your children can look forward to exploring these defining years in the Belize educational system.

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The Tropical Farms in Belize

PapayaFor years, tourists from around the world have flocked to Belize for its quaint, Caribbean culture and feel. In places like Belize, people rely on local farms and ranches for food. In fact, we even highlight farms and ranches available for investment on our website. Here’s a little bit of information about the wonderful selection of crops we grow here in Belize.

Belize has a tropical climate that suits the production of citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits in places like the Stann Creek Valley. Many times, the fruit you find in grocery stores during a typical American winter come straight from Belize—bananas, mangos and pineapples and more. On a trip to Belize, you’re bound to find a wide selection of additional fruits that you may have never heard of before.

In the northern lowland, near Orange Walk, you’ll discover rows and rows of sugarcane fields. And do you like chocolate? In El Cayo, you’ll find cacao, which is used to make chocolate bars.

Other crops you’re likely to find in Belize include rice, corn, and beans—all staples of the healthy diet in Belize and all over the world. In particular, be on the lookout for red kidney beans and black eye peas when you visit or move to Belize for a true sampling of the local flavor.

In recent years, Belize has become known for its production of increasingly popular papayas, They are a major part of Belize’s export economy, contributing about $25 million towards the nation’s gross domestic product. For those who haven’t been lucky enough to try one, Papaya’s have a buttery texture and a sweet, unique flavor.

Tropical Belize weather is not just enjoyed by its residents and tourists. It also contributes to the flavor of the land, as well as Belize’s national exports. If you’d like to learn more about investing in lush and beautiful Belize, visit the Belize Shores Realty website today.


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Buying a Hotel in Belize

Buying a Hotel in BelizeIt’s understandable to be nervous about investing in a foreign place. Spending the majority of your life in one country allows you to grow comfortable, taking laws and economic factors for granted. However, if you pay a visit to Belize, you’ll quickly realize that it’s much different from other foreign countries. You’ll find that it’s an ideal place for investment, whether you’re looking at purchasing a comfy waterfront retreat or a luxury hotel.


Perhaps the best sign when it comes to foreign investment in Belize is that the country places no restrictions on non-citizens who own property. The policy can be likened to a big sign that says “Belize is open for business”. You won’t be put at an automatic disadvantage to the hotel across the street, and you’ll be able to keep rates competitive with more established businesses. In addition, Belize property taxes are remarkably low, and they don’t have any capital gains tax at all. When operating a hotel in Belize, you won’t be punished by the government for the work and capital you put in to help it grow.


Another attractive feature of the economic climate in Belize is just how easy it is to do business in the country. In some cases, making a foreign investment requires learning an entirely new system of laws. Even worse are horror stories of a business failing due to a regulation that went unnoticed or was conveniently omitted during a business deal.


In Belize, the laws are modeled on England’s, meaning you’re already familiar with the basic concepts. Even better is the fact that English is the official language. You won’t need to put your trust and money into translators, and you’ll save a great deal of time by working with contracts that you can actually read. You can make more fluid business deals by keeping in constant contact with associates who share your native language.


In addition to speaking your language, the people of Belize are also typically very welcoming of foreigners. If you wish, it shouldn’t be hard to immerse yourself in the community and build trust with your neighbors. After all, the success of Belize is a mutual interest among all residents. Belize is a country that welcomes Americans into a friendly business atmosphere.


Buying a hotel in Belize also offers a guarantee of stability, as the government functions well, placing emphasis on rights to private property. The country boasts an impressive communications network and an efficient postal service. On top of it all, Belizean currency is fixed, 2-to-1, to the American dollar, saving you from sudden fluctuations in value.


The benefits of buying property in Belize are clear. Visit Belize Shores Realty for more investment information, and to browse listings today.


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Why Retire In Belize?


Retiring in Belize

The Belize Retirement Incentives Program helps those with incomes of at least $2,000 make the transition to this tropical paradise quickly and easily. Retirees who take advantage of the program have moving costs taken care of and face an easier process when applying for permanent residency. Welcoming Belizeans have opened the door for others to enjoy their beautiful country. So what compels so many retirees to take them up on the generous offer?


First and foremost, retirees are looking to escape from the instability of their home countries. While the political and economic situation in the United States seems to be worsening at a steady rate, Belize prides itself on a solid, mostly privatized economy and commonsense governing. With low interest inflation rates and safe, protective banking laws, Belize is a safe and promising place to invest in. Real estate is affordable and property taxes are very low. Some retirees find themselves with no tax liability at all.


An affordable and stable living situation means nothing if it can’t also be enjoyed, though. Retirees will be welcomed by a strong community of fellow retirees and an e thnically diverse population with a worldwide reputation for friendliness and cooperation. While Belize has the lowest population density in the region, it has the second highest growth rate. Perhaps the beautiful natural landscape of Belize can account for its flood of newcomers. 80% of the land is undeveloped and covered with rivers, rainforests, beaches, and the second largest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere. The temperature floats around a comfortable average of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


One thing retirees aren’t eager to experience in the twilight of their lives, however, is culture shock. They’ll be pleased to learn that English is the official language of Belize, which sets it apart from the other Central American country. It’s laws are based on the traditional British system, and they even drive on the right side of the road! Perhaps most important to the families of retirees is that Belize is only a short plane ride from the United States border.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to retire to a foreign country, or maybe you’ve never considered it at all. When you experience beautiful Belize for yourself, you’ll understand why so many retirees are opening themselves up to the wonderful possibility.


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