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Belize private island and Belize beachfront property values have been on a steady increase for the past 25+ years. This means to you, as either an investor or someone that wants to retire to their piece of paradise, that no matter how large or small you buy it can only increase in value. Present Belize property values are appreciating at a rate of 25-30% per year. Beachfront land that could be purchased just a few years ago at $1000 per linear beach foot is now going for $3000+ per foot and some at $10,000(as of January 2012).

First and foremost there is NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX in Belize. You may be responsible for taxes back in your homeland but no capital gains tax will be charged when you sell your property in Belize.

Anyone can purchase and hold title to property in Belize just as easily as a Belizean. Nothing special is needed, only a Government Stamp Transfer Tax is paid when you complete the purchase.   Just pay the legal fees and Stamp Transfer Tax and ownership is yours.

We will always advise you to retain either an attorney or paralegal to do a title search to ensure that you are buying what you think you are buying. This is suggested in any country that you attempt to purchase property in. This will ensure that the title to the Belize property is free and clear of all liens, judgments, or encumbrances. US Title insurance can also be purchased.

When you find something you want you will need to provide an earnest money deposit that will be held in escrow by a local attorney before your offer can be submitted to the seller. This deposit can be as low as 1% and up to 10%.  10% is always recommended. This insures your interest and willingness to purchase.  

All in all Belize is a wonderful country to invest in and the government wants you too. Please visit our about Belize Shores Realty page and email or give us a call.

If you want all the scoop about living, retiring, or investing in Belize visit the Retire In Belize website.

Not only is Belize a growing tourism destination, but the country also has a government that is fully committed to the ongoing development of economic programs and policies that will ensure an atmosphere conducive for local and foreign investment. Various incentives are available to investors who are committed to the development of the tourism sector. In recent years, various levels of investments have produced significant growth in tourism.

International investors find that Belize provides stability (fixed exchange rate and democratic system) and profitability (flexible fiscal incentives and concessions).

The tourism industry is currently the single largest employer and contributor to economic growth, accounting for approximately 18% of the total GDP. Its actual contribution to the economy is greater, particularly when its indirect impacts are taken into account. 

The Government of Belize is keen on developing new partnerships and alliances with both local and foreign investors in various sectors of the tourism industry.

Take a look at this BEAUTIFUL YouTube video on Belize called, “Heavenly Belize”


For more information on tourism investment in Belize, please contact:
Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE)

#14 Orchid Garden St, Belmopan, Belize
Tel: (501)-822-3737/0178
Fax: (501)-822-0595
Email: deborah@belizeinvest.org.bz

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Emory King wrote these 10 reasons to live in Belize:

  1. Everyone speaks English.
  2. English law.
  3. Proximity to the United States (it’s a two-hour-flight from Miami or Houston).
  4. Belize is the healthiest country in Central American or the Caribbean. There are more than 100 doctors, a hospital in every town, and three big hospitals in Belize City. You can fly Wings of Hope to Mexico in case of serious problems. A medivac plane from Miami can be here in two hours.
  5. We have slightly over 300,000 people in a country the size of Massachusetts, so there is plenty of elbow room. 
  6. Education is excellent and based on British and American standards. We have universities as well as high schools and junior colleges.
  7. These are some of the friendliest people in the world. In Belize there are six different cultures, with eight different languages. Yet we have no racial discrimination, no religious intolerance, and no political violence. Show me another country like that.
  8. We have satellite hook-ups for phones and the Internet.
  9. The climate is mild, subtropical year round. It rains from June to December, but there are no monsoon rains. We have hurricanes, now and then-eight in total in the 20th century.
  10. There are attractive retiree incentives. To qualify, you must be 45 years of age or older and you must lodge $2,000 a month in a Belize Bank (and spend it in Belize, we hope). You may not work under the law, but you may own a business and watch us work. You can also import a car, an airplane, and a boat duty free. There will be no income tax on your pension or other sources of income. You can also bring in all your – household goods and personal effects duty free.

-Emory King, Belize

Emory King has recently passed on but his memory and energy for Belize lives on.